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My Weasel game has been placed on the back burner as of now, and more of my time has been dedicated to finish my new project which arose from it, currently titled “Croakbat.”

Here is a level sketch and the current progress of its in-game counterpart.

More to come soon!

Here is the current progress of my “Monster’s Ball” gallery submission for our school. It depicts Dorpheus (top) as he provides the half-dead Lyddin (bottom) with more life-granting mushrooms. I’m thinking of naming it “‘I Love You Dorphy!’.”

Lately I’ve been working on some pixel art and animations for a video game project of mine. I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been able to squeeze out between school and other obligations ;)

Here is the main character and some of his transformations!

-Incoming GIF dump after this-

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